Our Story

When Jamerson was born, we realized that there was something exceptionally special about him. However, as his parents, we could not put our finger on it. We then decided to request an Early Intervention (EI) Evaluation. Initially, we were told that he was not eligible for EI services, but we were persistent and advocated on his behalf. He was then re-evaluated and found eligible for speech and occupational therapies, and special instruction. When he was diagnosed with a speech and language impairment, we wanted him to feel as included as possible. We went to the library, searched online, and looked for books locally to help him better understand himself. To our surprise, we had very few options, especially with any representation that looked remotely like him. With his love for books, reading, and cooking, we decided to write our own children’s picture book and titled it Words for Sale.
Jamerson is a little boy who wants to make friends, but he just finds sharing his thoughts so hard! So he turns to what he knows best...mixing and baking to relieve his stress. Soon, he finds his thoughts pouring into the treat he makes. But how will his neighbors react to his yummy thought-filled treat? This is the perfect story for children who may not be able to verbally express themselves, Words for Sale encourages children to find creative outlets that will allow them to cope with adversity while gaining a better understanding of themselves. It enforces that children are key players in determining their destinies by advocating for themselves and finding unique ways to share their voices confidently. Words for Sale also teaches children the importance of having empathy and accepting friends who may be different.
This journey in writing this book has helped us all better understand speech and language impairments, child development, and how to advocate and support Jamerson. We hope to spread awareness and encourage other children who identify with this diagnosis. Come along Jamerson's journey to being understood by adding Words for Sale to your library!

Meet the Authors

Jacintha Mondesir is a licensed counselor in the New York City metro area and has spent over a decade servicing students with exceptional needs. She has earned multiple degrees in counseling and academic leadership. Jacintha enjoys helping her little friends synthesize their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. She is also the mother of two exceptional boys. 

 Jamerson Lewin is a free-spirited boy who has a speech and language impairment. His love for cooking serves as a therapeutic conduit as he builds confidence in his ability to communicate with others. He truly has a passion for cooking and takes joy in it as much as he enjoys eating his delectable treats.

Jane MG Books Inspiration

Jane MG Books (JMGB) is a children’s book publishing company that seeks to bring awareness and empathy to the uniqueness of all exceptional children. JMGB is named after the late maternal grandmother of the co-author Jacintha Mondesir who dedicated her life to the advancement of her family. She had many dreams and aspirations however, caring for her family came first. The intention is that the books written and published through this company will reach all of the places that she could only dream of.